How to enable logging for desktop client


If you encounter problems with your desktop client, it is very helpful to get log messages.

In a running client
When your client is running and you want to view current activities, you can open the log window by opening the “Settings” dialog, and then pressing F12.

If something during the startup of the client needs to be checked, then alternatively start the client with command line options to show the log:


  1. Get to “Start > Programs > Owncloud” and right-click on owncloud icon. Select “Send To > Desktop (Create Shortcut”.
  2. Right click on the newly appearing owncloud icon on desktop and select “Properties”.
  3. Select “Target” value in appearing dialog and append following text
  1. Now start owncloud by double clicking new desktop icon[/list]

Tested on XP (32-bit) SP3; Win 7 (64-bit) SP1

Open “Terminal” and type following command, press Enter:

owncloud --logwindow

Tested under Ubuntu Linux

Mac OS X
Open “Terminal” and type following command:

/Applications/ --logwindow

Tested on Mac OS X 10.8.2 (64-bit)

Log File

In addition, you can tell the desktop client to output the log to a file. For that, add the --logfile option to the command/shortcut you use to run the client, for example:

owncloud --logfile <logfilepathandname>

Replace suitable to your system.

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