How to hard-code the display-name in email "from" headers?


Hello, I couldn’t find any up-to-date information on this, so thought I’d ask here.

I am using ownCloud community version 10.8.0 on Ubuntu 18.04.6. How can I hard-code the display-name in the “from” header of activity notification emails ? (for file downloads etc).

I was able to do this for new account notification and password reset emails:

New account notification emails:
File: public_html/settings/Controller/UsersController.php
Change: Modify lines 391, 810, 1125,1204 to:

$message->setFrom([$this->fromMailAddress => “MyCustomDisplayName”]);

Password reset emails:
File: public_html/core/Controller/LostController.php
Change: Modify lines 297 and 383 to:

$message->setFrom([$this->from => “MyCustomDisplayName”]);

However, I cannot find the file / code I need to change to do the same for activity notification emails. If anyone knows, I would appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction !

P.S. I am aware that changing getName in the defaults.php file will be applied to all emails, but this dosen’t fit my use case.

I found the answer by myself, here it is in case it is of use to anyone:

Activity notification emails
File: public_html/apps-external/activity/lib/MailQueueHandler.php
Change: Modify line 302 to

$message->setFrom([$this->getSenderData(‘email’) => $this->“MyCustomDisplayName”]);

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