How to log out of Marketplace from owncloud administrator?

I noticed I was able to log into the Marketplace from within the owncloud appliance, the part where it connects to Marketplace and you can install apps.

How do I log out? I thought it was a web browser cache setting, but it appears to be hard keys into the appliance.

The “Clear cache” doesn’t seem to be related to it, I did try.

In the moment it’s only possible by removing the marketplace API key from the config PHP.

If this does not work then you would have to remove it from the database.


What is the purpose of logging into Marketplace from within the owncloud administrator?

Is that API key required to access more apps?

Yes, I would like to know that owncloud can operate without an API key.

The API key is required to install and update apps from the market app. Without it, you have to access your enterprise account and download the apps from there, extract them on your server and activate them.

The purpose is to link your enterprise account to the marketplace.

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but only enterprise apps or am i wrong? Because i’m able to download “normal” apps without specifying the API key.

Yes, enterprise apps


Then it may be a good idea to remove the API login from the community edition.

I noticed I was able to install apps without logging in, but I logged in anyways because it was just there.


if i’m understanding correctly you could also use the community edition but an enterprise API key to install enterprise apps in the community edition.