How to select the synchronization direction

On my pc at my workplace I use Switchdrive ( based on ownCloud client version 2.5.4).

At home on Ubuntu I have the latest ownCloud client available connected to switchdrive server.

I have changed my folders structure at my working place and my folder tree on the server have changed accordingly.

Now my folders structure on my pc at home is different, and I m afraid that if I connect using the client, the synchronization will go in the wrong direction: the folders on the server will return to the old structure and I want the reverse…
How can I have my folders and files on my linux box arranged with the new configuration ?
Shall I have to erase all on my owncloud folder on linux and download everything again ?

Thanks for any help


Hi François,

normally your folders structure on your home pc should update to the structure on the server because they are the older one.
To be safe, you can copy your owncloud folder on your home pc and move it to another, and sync with the owncloud server.


Hi Nanna

Thanks for helping
I did this: started onwCloud client on my linux box and disconnected. Deleted the current connexion and create a new one using a new folder. Selected which folders on the server I wanted to have on the pc.
It all went well !



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