How to set up https on my owncloud


Hello, very new to NAS and didnt make my own or set it up myself really.
But i did set up owncloud and thought i was doing great until i realised i havent got an https connection and read that it could be open to middle man attacks.
I cant find out how to do this on my imac, but i also have a windows 7 laptop thats working. Can i set it up there? SOrry for the novice questions.



Do i need to run on https?


Hey, i think the link you have found above is already answering your question:

Using ownCloud without using an encrypted HTTPS connection opens up your server to a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack, and risks the interception of user data and passwords. It is a best practice, and highly recommended, to always use HTTPS on production servers, and to never allow unencrypted HTTP.

It's still your decision / up to you if you want to run via HTTP or HTTPS.


Thanks for reply.
Thing is I dont know how to get it working. I dont have much knowledge on computers. If any

Can you please help?


I think the link you have found should help on how to setup this.


Yeah I know but I don't know how to use it, as basically know nothing about code and computing.

I will be using this at home on a NAS, so therefore don't require https cert? Or not?



Mhhh, then i think it will be hard to help here. Maybe you can start diving into this topics first by reading some articles and tutorials outside of this forums. This could include topics about:

  • computing
  • networking
  • web servers
  • databases
  • security (HTTPS, SSL/TLS)

Once you get familiar with such basics you could use the forums here to ask specific questions related to your ownCloud server (e.g. how to install the software, how to upload files etc.).