How to update properly without shell/ssh access?


I’ve tried to upgrade my OWC installation via the web admin. I just pressed the update button and expected my owc installation to get updated automatically.

But after the update was downloaded I was logged out and the maintenance mode was enabled automatically. So I had to disable it manually via the config file. After that I got another update button on the website. After pressing the button I got an error that the “Calendar” app form the market can`t be updated. So I had to disable the app manually, perform the update and then I had to reinstall the app and restore my calender entries.

Is this how it should work? Did I do something wrong?


This is the normal behavior. You did nothing wrong.

While updating, some apps need to be disabled.

Unfortunately there is no check at the moment to tell you what apps need to be disabled.

It would be nice if a warning would be shown before the upgrade process after you press the upgrade button

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Yes this would be really nice…
…and some other notifications too…

After I was logged out: The first 5mins I was in panic that I just killed my complete owncloud installation. Then I had to google another 5minutes to disable the maintenance mode and 5 more to disable the addons.

And the hole time I was worried that the complete installation was broken…

At least there should be a way to press the update button without the need to disable maintenance mode (for admins only of course. Or a special update link with a onetime key, …)

I am completely with you.

I have opened up a ticket in the ownCloud repo

You can track the progress here


Thank you. I assigned to it