How to Update Share With Token



I have a question is Owncloud How to Update Share With Token
I have the url of "abc.jpg" file and I want to get of this file. To "Update Share"

For example:

Update Share¶

Syntax: / shares /

Method: PUT

Arguments: share_id - (int) share ID => I HAVE TOKEN ONLY

PUT Arguments: permissions - (int) update permissions (see "Create share" above)

PUT Arguments: password - (string) updated password for public link link

PUT Arguments: publicUpload - (boolean) enable (true) / disable (false) public upload for public shares.

PUT Arguments: expireDate - (chuỗi) đặt một expire date for public link shares.
This argument expects a well-formed date string, e.g. 'YYYY-MM-DD'

I use php