Howto download all the files that all users have been uploaded to owncloud

Hello. I have a CMS with thousand of users and I am thinking in owncloud to give to each user a directory to upload files. My question here is, how can I download all the files that all users have been uploaded? owncloud gives some interface to do that?. Thanks in advance.

All users have to share their data with you or it has to be configured that you have got access to it with an special account (like an admin).

I recommend using the ownCloud client for downloading all. But don't configure it that everybody has access to all private data, please! You have got security policies and users want to have private data for their own...

Hi Thanks @skriesch for your very useful answer. Just for to add more information/context to the case. The users allways will know that all its files will be downloaded (and after that deleted in some time interval). The idea with owncloud here is allow to each user upload some files required in a separated account for each user, avoiding to each user to see files of other users.
Is like a repository of files uploaded by each user on each respective user directory. Then is required to download all the files uploaded.