*HowTo* Install Onlineoffice on Ubuntu/Debian (without Docker, without Limitation)

I am very pleased to present the installation script for Officeonline without limitations and Docker.
We tested it on Debian 8.7, Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 16.04. Just Download the script and run it as sudo or root.
I advise you to use HAProxy (I will integrate it in the script soon).
Just run the script and do not stop it. It will take 2-8 hours (It depends on the speed of your serve) to install everything you need to use it with Owncloud. You just have to replace SSL Certificates and key in /etc/loolwsd/.

I would like to thank community members for supporting me and testing.



omg, finally the most annoying problem got solved!
Thank you! I didn't try the script yet but thank you very much.

I kept trying to get it working too long time ago with no way.
I kept going deep to know what's going on with no luck too.
all that tutorials on CODE/owncloud/nextcloud does not work.
I tried commands in dockerfile (without docker) and does not work too.
I didn't dare to start with compilation, I felt like I'm going to the unknown!

my observation is,
there's no directory /etc/sysconfig in ubuntu 16.04, I can see source some how to be complied with rpm, while CODE people introduced deb packages.

I will start with your script and let you know, if any
Thanks again!

Sure, please use new clean ubuntu Installation.

The stupid loop is fixed. Please try with new version! SORRY!

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