The Ubuntu ownCloud desktop client repositories are all 404.

That is, there are no directories dedicated to Ubuntu packages under the following path:

In fact, as far as I can determine, the indicated paths for all non-openSUSE Linux OS options are not there:

Not possessing a device running openSUSE, I can't tell if the installation option for that OS is still working, but all other Linux distros would seem to be broken.

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I think this is caused by the outage of the opensuse download infrastructure mentioned in this post: just switched from Major Outage to Partial Outage.
But their mirrors are still in a chaotic state. Some recover slowly, some still just say 403.

We will push a copy of the download repos to our own download mirrors. Including Ubuntu 14.04 ...

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Here it is, but not yet well tested. Please test and let us know if it works well