HTTP Error 503 and 504 after Router reset

Steps to reproduce

  1. Server works well (except some issues that don’t affect the normal user, just admin)
  2. Reset Router because it was not working anymore
  3. Set up Port forwarding to 80 and 443 on TCP
  4. Set up no-ip to right IP again
  5. Try accessing the owncloud through mobile data/from outside the home network

Expected behaviour

Should be able to connect just as on internal IP

Actual behaviour

There is an HTTP Error 503 mostly, sometimes 504 as well

Server configuration

Operating system:
Raspian with Owncloud, php 7.0/apache and based on a MySQL db

The content of config/config.php:
only the ips are included:
0=> my domain
1=> internal ip
2=> localhost

Have I missed some steps when configuring the router again or do I have to fix something on the server itself? I think I have done everything that needs to be done to set up my server to be accessible from outside.


i think you could find the reason of the 503/504 error in either the log files of Apache or ownCloud.

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