Huge db-wal file size (218GB) most of the times is 400GB+

hey, is it normal to have a db-wal file size of 218 GB?
it was over 400 GB few times, but i read that this is strange and you need to delete the file after you stopped the service.
i writing about it because it’s ridiculous that i need to remove this file every few days

also its on one folder that im syncing, different folders have db-wal of few MB
the folder that has the 218GB of db-wal is as follows:
468GB of stuff
225,253 files, 18,175 folders

so is anything can be done?

welp it still growing…

@z4cH3r see Large ._sync_*.db-wal file (18GB)

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i saw it, it didn’t have any help in it…
im tired of deleting the file manually every few days

and still growing

What does exactly happen? You delete it, then it grows again to the same size?

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yep something like that

now this at

Could debug a bit and check in the logs or check with a SQLite tool what gets added all the time?

Here you can find some troubleshooting advice:

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