I am getting PDOException : SQLSTATE [42S02] Error : Please help

Hi I really need help. I have been experiencing PDOException : SQLSTATE [42S02] Error error when installing owncloud. It says table or view not found 1146 table 'owncloud.oc_appconfig does not exist in /var/www/owncloud/lib/composer/Doctrine/DBAL/driver/PDO/Exception.php:18

I am using owncloud 10.9.1
running ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS and mariadb 15.1

I am getting the error every time I run occ maintenance:install

Please help


can you post a snippet of your log file or the command line output before and after this error?

Did you follow our guides to install your server?

Hi …thanks for your response.
I did follow the instructions and everything went well. I later went on mess with the configuration by uninstalling mysql and reinstalling mariadb…so far every other code runs perfectly except anything with occ.

Please see screenshot


Where did you get that command from? In our guides the command is followed by a bunch of parameters.

I would drop the table, create a new one and do the install command with the parameters found in our documentation.

occ maintenance:install \
    --database "mysql" \
    --database-name "owncloud" \
    --database-user "owncloud" \
    --database-pass ${sec_db_pwd} \
    --data-dir "/var/www/owncloud/data" \
    --admin-user "admin" \
    --admin-pass ${sec_admin_pwd}

The variables have to be set in a prior step, or replaces with a string if you want to set it by hand.

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