I can not find "Web Installer"

Hi, I can not find “Web Installer” on https://owncloud.org/download/ !? #server:help BR Janez

But you could find this:


@alfredb - just to clarify: does this mean you completely removed all options to run owncloud on a hosted server without SSH access?!

If so, what about existing installations?


i don’t think @alfredb has removed anything. From what i know he is a community contributor like me and most of the other users posting here at this forums without any relationship to ownCloud or the ownCloud team itself.

I think you still can upload the content of the ownCloud archives via other methods like FTP, SCP, SFTP and similar the same way you have uploaded the web installer file and then run the setup routine of ownCloud itself.

But from what i have read in the past its highly recommended to have SSH for running ownCloud as there seems to be various commands available via the “occ” command line tool you won’t get without SSH access.

Why should existing installations affected by the removal of a web installer only used once to do the installation? :slightly_smiling_face:

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But with a string relation to the ownCloud Community! Thanks a lot to have you here! :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


hehe that’s true. But unfortunately i’m quite often seeing that some one thinks a reply of any other user is a official statement (e.g. see the “does this mean you” above). :confused:

Unfortunately i’m not sure how to clarify such situations and make other more aware that this forums is more like a “user helps other users” channel. :confused:

Now a more official statement: you can continue to do what ever you want. This is open source - it is delivered as is. You are free to use as you like and modify as you like. If you want to create additional scripts to support management of owncloud on servers without ssh access: you are very welcome to do so!

But we simply can no longer advise to run owncloud on such systems - the pain of maintenance is too high.
Why would we support an easy installation on such systems and as soon as you use it: oh sorry it is no possible to do X, Y, Z …

All the reasoning is in Bye-bye web setup ( webinstaller )


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Sorry for assuming @alfredb was part of the owncloud dev team.
But the basic question remains: Given that announcement by @DeepDiver1975, what options are there (will be there) to run (and maintain/update) owncloud on a hosted server without SSH access (only FTP)?

The announcement sounded like ‘none’ but maybe I am mistaken?

And the question related to ‘existing installations’ was more about maintaining and updating them - will that still be possible in the future, even without ‘occ’?

Edit: Just saw the latest post by @DeepDiver1975 - thanks for the more official reply, which still feels very ‘diplomatic’ to me. I would prefer some more clarity. I realize that this is open-source etc. but the question is: will there be support for non-SSH-enabled hosted servers, or am I on my own to get it running? I do not mind transferring files via FTP onto the server and editing text files, but if commandline tools will become an essential part of owncloud, I will never be able to run these with my current hosted environment.
My provider (1&1) is charging a lot for SSH-enabled servers, and moving to a different provider is a major effort as I need to migrate dozens of accounts, emails etc.

owncloud 10 will always be upgradable without occ. So you are save quite some time.
owncloud 11 will for sure require ssh access - or even require pure docker infrastructure … let’s see how tech is evolving in the next 1-2 years.

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You do me too much honor. :wink: I’m just an simple, longtime owncloud user.


… and tester, forum contributor, firefox extension developer … more than simple :smile: