Image Gallery Preview No Longer Working For Shared Links



I am testing the new version of owncloud server on my virtual test environment before upgrading the production environment, and I am having a problem with Shared links to those who do not have a login on the server. In former versions, (version 8.2.9 which is running on my production environment) if I shared a directory with image files in it, users could click the images and it would pull up the gallery view and let users scroll through the full size images. Since upgrading to version 8.2.10, it does not allow this, it prompts them to download the file, and puts the following into the log: Debug files_locking INFO: Incrementing lock type 1 count for /filelocation/file.jpg

Users logged into the server do not have this problem, they can click into gallery view as normal.

This is a deal breaker for what I use this server for, but it is the only issue I have found. Proceeding to upgrade to version 9.0.8 does not resolve this problem, it continues with the undesired new behavior. Is this a configuration option in newer versions that I am not seeing, or is this intended default behavior, or a glitch?

Production and test environment configuration: Ubuntu Server 14.04/MySQL/apache2


Corollary: This only seems to be an issue when viewing the shares with firefox web browser, but I would still like to see if there is a way to fix it for firefox to act as IE, Chrome, and Safari all do.