Image Size / Quality Preferences in Web View

Hi everybody,
I'm trawling the archives for clues how to make adjustments to the way thumbnails are rendered in the default Gallery and all I've found so far is various hacks for the consitituent PHP, JS and CSS

This is obviously less than ideal as the Gallery code is likely to be trampled every time there's an update, not to mention the file integrity checker throwing all the toys out of the pram

Would anyone care to point me in the right direction as to how to approach this problem. I'm inclined to fork the Gallery code into an effectively duplicate plugin, but with all the image variables exposed to the user to adjust to their satisfaction, as well as providing useful statistics regarding the storage impact of the changes a user is about to apply, display current storage stats, etc.

Are there any plans for this sort of facelift to the Gallery app and, more to the point, should these properties be adjustable from within a theme?

Any and all clues would be gratefully appreciate
Happy Jesusing

Did you try to get in touch with the developers:

Contributions and new ideas are generally welcome.