Import of OwnCloud OVF package failing due to illegal character


We are running VMWare VCentre at our university and we are trying out the OwnCloud Appliance OVF installation. We are unable to import the OVF appliance package with an error message saying:

A general runtime error occurred.
An error occurred: Illegal character in scheme name at index 2: At least 2 GB of RAM are required

This sounds like some kind of issue with an incorrect character perhaps in the header of the package.

Does anyone have any idea how to solve this issue, please?

Many thanks

I’d guess, the error does not occur while examining the package header. It could also be, that VMWare VCentre expects a structured (XML?) output somewhere, but instead receives a plain text error message.

Can you confirm that your VM has more than 2 GB of RAM available?

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Thanks jnweiger, unfortunately, the import is failing when run on our enterprise VCentre instance which is packed full of RAM. VMWare Workstation appears to be able to import the OwnCloud package in ‘relaxed’ mode, but ESXi/VCentre does not appear to have such a setting…

That is a good information! Happy to hear you have success in VMWare workstation! Unfortunately I have no access to an enterprise VCentre, that makes it difficult to adapt for it currently…

Did you try the option of our appliance? That should contain a VMDK – which is VMware’s native format.

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You can import the OVA in to vCenter by logging on to an EXSi host directory and importing form there. Once the import finishes it will be picked up by vCenter (I used v7.0)

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