Import Users from file

Is it possible to import users from a file i.e. an Excel spreadsheet

I have to setup about 300 new users and if I can do by importing the information that would save me hours of work.

You can create users with the occ command line tool:

This can be used within a bash script or similar iterating over a list of users from e.g. a .txt file.

Look at this post, I did it a few weeks ago :


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Thanks, I think :slight_smile: I don't think I understand what you did.

I can create a text file, but a spreadsheet is easier.

I want to include the email address as wee, but I guess thats just another line.

I've no idea how to write the script, where to save it or how to run it.

can you explain that please, in simple terms.

My OC is running on my webspace with Godaddy.

I can't help you to write a script, I'm not a teacher :slight_smile:. Try to google "linux shell script" to understand what I did.

If you want to use my method, you have to access your owncloud server by the command line via a putty or something like this.

  • The shell script must be on the server and run from it.
  • If your source is a xls file, it's not a problem, you just have to save it as a csv or txt file

Good luck.