Importing calendars from oc8.1 database to oc9.1 database



Hi all,

I was running a OC8.1 installation on Ubuntu 14.04. Today I made a fresh installation of OC9.1. Before i performed backups of the owncloud directories and the mysql database,

There is nothing really important on my OC8.1 installation, but getting the old calendars back would be nice. Is there a way to import the old calendar contents via the database?
I noticed that the naming scheme has changed from i.e "oc_clndr_calendars" to "oc_calendars".
Does anyone know a way to transport the data into the new database?



i don't think that you should mess around with the database. This needs deep knowledge about the structure.

Instead i would suggest to do a backup/export of your calendars on the old 8.1 installation like explained here:

and re-import the .ics file into the oC 9.1 installation.


Thanks for your quick reply. After backing up my current database, I don't see a lot of risk in trying to modify and import the tables, though. Is there a database description for OC8.1 and OC9.1 somwhere publicly available?




don't waste your time in trying to re-construct the database as this was changed between the old calendar app (8.2 and below) and the CalDAV backend moved to core (9.0+).

Just do the suggestion above. With that you're not risking to only partly import the database or do something also wrong

It will also save you time and us possible issues no one is able to reproduce if you're reporting them in here or at the bugtracker.