Instant Upload on Android 6 still failing on Owncloud 2.1.2

I am using a Nexus 5x, running Android 6 (Nougat) and have updated to the latest Owncloud client app but Instant Uploads are still not working for me.
"No uploads available" is shown when looking in the Uploads area. Under "Settings/Upload path" it is set to the path that I have been using for a long time (and it exists) "/DesktopSync/InstantUpload".
"Camera folder (required" says "/storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Camera". Looking into that folder, there are currently 6 pics in there.
I am unsure what to try next?

Same here, samsung galaxy s5 running android 6 stock.

Hi, mdonz. Android 6 is not Nougat, Android 7 is Nougat. Besides, the comment "required" should not appear in Android 6. Could you confirm, please, that you are using Android 7?

What camera app are you using?

Were instant uploads working for you with version 2.1.1 ?

The 6 pics you see, were taken after installing and enabling instant uploads in 2.1.2? Only pictures that are taken after the option is enabled will upload.

Thanks for your patience

Hi, francomartin3.

DId you update to version 2.1.2 of the Android app?

What camera app are you using?

hi, the problem is that it only uploads the new pictures i take, not the old ones. i guess i have t upload the old ones manually. im runing the latest version 2.1.2

Hi davivel

thank you so much for such immediate reply.

Sorry for misleading problem description. I got the Android version wrong. Yes, I am using version 7.0 and using the stock camera app.
The pictures were taken after the Android version upgrade from 6.x to 7.0 and I now realise before the upgrade to version 2.1.2.
I have just taken a new pic and can confirm that the upload IS working now so I realise I misunderstood and it is all working now.

Thanks again for your help and your work on that.


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@mdonz, you are very welcome :slight_smile:

@francomartin3, I'm afraid that's the expected behaviour right now. Please, take a look to to know about any progress of the feature you are missing.

Hi mates,
I have the same problem with Android 6.0 and Owncloud apk 2.1.2.
I use the stock camera app on my Huawei p8 lite. Each time I take a picture, the automatic upload fail with a message about "connection error".
Next, if i try to manually re-upload from the app it works like a charm.
Best regards


Hello to everybody =)
I run my owncloud server more than year now without any problem, Server has Ubuntu 16.x.
Before i have Samsung S4 and wife S4 mini and they works no any problem whit Owncloud nut now we change phones more new so i buy Huawei Mate 9 Pro to myself and Honor 8 64Gb to wife and its hard get automatic upload to work both mobile.
Honor 8 upload works sometime but them its stop work itself... Not come any error its only silent..
Mate 9 Pro not get upload work anytime.
Manual upload work in both without any problem.
There any help to this? I not find Forum...
Owncloud is newest in phones and server.

Juha Lindblom from Finland, yes that dark and cold place in earth =)

@delumerlino, sorry for responding so late.

Could you please open a separate thread? If you see the details of the previous users, your problem is not exactly the same. In your case, the pictures are detected by the app and the upload is started, and it's possible to retry it manually. The app operation is quite different.

Thanks for your patience.

Hi, @NiceMan1972.

In the case of Mate 9 Pro, what camera app are you using? What Android version has that phone ? Did you see in the app settings the option 'Camera folder' some fields below the 'Instant upload' entry? What's the path set in that option? What is the between parenthesis in the title option, '(optional)' or '(required)'.?

In the case of Honor 8, what camera app are you using? Can you check the 'Uploads' view in the app and tell if the failed uploads appear there as failed, or don't appear at all?

I answer to this whit email, Juha Lindblom.
Both phones has they original soft, Honor 8 6.x and mate has 7.x android and problem is whit original camera soft, owncloud not see at take photos.. Directory change to right one but not help.
Honor is now far but Mate9Pro i use now Open-camera apk and whit that owncloud work nice so i continue use that.
I test original one when come next update to phone or owncloud.

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