Insufficent space on the server for some uploads

Hi all this has happened to me twice now setting up a new virtualbox appliance and when uploading data using the desktop client I get insufficent space on the server around about the 30gb mark

I have unlimited quotas setup for the user and the appliance has 1TB of disk space available which dynamically expands as it fills up.

I must be missing something on the UCS server or some quotas somewhere, but not sure where

Any help would be greatly appreciated


from what i know ownCloud is using the /tmp folder for uploads. Maybe this is filled up?

If this doesn’t help then i think you can get better help with UCS (if this is a problem with UCS) at

Ok this is an absolute mission for anyone wanting to run owncloud out of the box but I eventually worked it out by stumbling on this article

UCS by default in virtualbox is 50GB and needs to be extended even if you have a dynamic hard drive

Follow those instructions and then make sure to restart your UCS services such as mariadb which fails due to lack of hard disk space

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