Integrity Check - Owncloud

Upgrade Owncloud to

Steps to reproduce

  1. Go to administration page
  2. Click Update bouton haha
  3. Integrity Check Failed (but explantion below)

Expected behaviour

Integrity Check should pass with no problem after the upgrade of owncloud

Actual behaviour

Integrity Check failed

Technical information
The following list covers which files have failed the integrity check. Please read
the previous linked documentation to learn more about the errors and how to fix

- core
		- core/templates/owncloud.log
		- owncloud.log
		- ocs/owncloud.log

Raw output

As said in the documentation, EXTRA_FILE means that this file are not in the signature.json and should be remove in most cases. I removed the files listed and they came back each time. So the problem come from the signature.json I guess

Server configuration

Operating system:
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Web server:
Nginx 1.18.0 (Ubuntu)

MySQL 8.0.21-0ubuntu0.20.04.4

PHP version:

ownCloud version: (see ownCloud admin page)

Updated from an older ownCloud or fresh install:
Updated from an older ownCloud

Where did you install ownCloud from:
repository (apt)

IIRC, in case you installed via apt, you should also update that way.
But I have no such experience, as I always download and install or update with the official tarballs.

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I checked and everything is updated
That’s weird, i don’t know what to do, maybe reinstall from scratch.

Just out of curiosity: each time of what?

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In the documentation, we can find

    • The file does not exist in signature.json . This usually happens when a file has been removed and signature.json has not been updated. It also happens if you have placed additional files in your ownCloud installation folder.

So I checked in the signature.json and the files listed before aren’t listed. I guess I have to deleted them, I did but when I refresh a page the files are recreated (well it’s log so It make sense)


from what i know the “owncloud.log” should be only placed into the “data” folder and not within subfolders of the “core” folder. This is very strange, maybe you can show us your config.php?