Internal server error = no more access!

dear ones,

I lost access overnight to our owncloud

Expected behaviour
while using our login link
it comes to the login page normally

Actual behaviour
an error message appears, I cannot access our owncloud stored company data; here the error message in french as it appears:

Erreur interne du serveur

Le serveur a rencontré une erreur interne et est incapable d’exécuter votre requête.
Veuillez contacter l’administrateur du serveur si cette erreur apparaît plusieurs fois. Veuillez joindre les détails techniques à votre rapport.
Le fichier journal du serveur peut fournir plus de renseignements.

Renseignements techniques

  • Adresse distante :
  • ID de la demande : XYMq5VKlVr0AAV1UPlMAAAAA

login data I can send if anyone is wishing to help
Database: db655415807
Type et version MySql 5.5
PHP version: 7.2

surely not the last version owncloud (installed in 2015/16, no problem since)

Would be glad of any idea to solve or contact of any developper whom I coud consult.

Please try to access the owncloud.log and grep for the line that contains the ID XYNRhFKlVr0AADqh4-AAAAAN. It should show what’s going on.

Seems this is a 9.1 version:

$ curl | jq
  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current
                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed
100    95    0    95    0     0     33      0 --:--:--  0:00:02 --:--:--    33
  "installed": true,
  "maintenance": false,
  "version": "",
  "versionstring": "9.1.1",
  "edition": ""
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Thanks a lot for responding and finding out the version.
I cannot login at all because of the error page.
Or is t here another way to access the owncloud.log ?

Otherwise if you could easily check it by accessing to the server I could give you the hosting login+password by sms. My handy is +33607681648, i would write back.

Can I access the owncloud.log in another way than once logged in ?

to tom42, yes I think you are right (in both your posts…) Lost all access to free owncloud!
I’m thankful for the diagnostic

If it has happened like you tell, do you have a suggestion to correct it, having no access to the owncloud server at present ?

which is the latest PHP version supported by the owncloud 9.1 ?


i think ownCloud 9.1.1 is heavily outdated and already unsupported since quite a while according to

In my opinion it is recommended to update first to 9.1.8 and then to 10.2.1 by following the steps provided in the related documentation:

Thank you very much, this will help really. Do I understand you right : I can update in spite of the access barred ?

@Henri Please check the documentation of your web host. You should be able to access files directly with FTP or SSH:

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