Invalid URL when trying to add "trusted domain"

Hi at all,

why isn’t it possible to add a DDNS domain with path to trusted domains?
when I add it does not trust

but when I add /owncloud it tells me the url is invalid.
btw: do I have to add it using config.php file? I tried using the GUI.

best wishes!

Hi Nadine,

There is no frontend setting for trusted domains (did you mix it up with the CORS domains?)
You’ll have to set this in config.php

Did you read the docs?

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yes, you are right. I mixed this up with CORS domain. in earlier builds there was an “add this domain to the trusted domains list”-option. sounds convenient, but it seems gone. is there no other option than manually adding domains in config.php?

No, you must add it to config.php. Just follow the manual.

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