Is it possible to use 2 login mask on one owncloud server?



Hello folks

I need 2 different login masks for one owncloud server. Is there anybody who have expirience with an set up like this ?


What do you want to do?

You clould cooy the original into an own scheme.
Then within that version create an if/then/else to do what ever logic and influence what is shown

I use the same for an internal quick-connect for the children tablets:
When an internal device is calling (derived from IP range) I display user pictured linked to an auto-login.
When external: normal user/PW


Hey, thanks for your reply.

owncloud is used for external access. I´d like to use the same instance with another login screen for external access too.
I may use a second domain for access but I don´t want to host a new cloud.

so IP Range isn´t an option for me and if/then/else isnt´t possible I think in this case.