Is there a paid support option for production server setup?




Is there a paid support option to help get a server setup for production user?

I have my test environment working. I’m having trouble with

  • Transactional file locking - Cannot seem to get this working.
  • enable system cron - I have web cron enabled and still see this mentioned.
  • Some files have not passed the integrity check - I have a custom theme per the docs. (Signature data not found)
  • No memory cache has been configured

I’m running on CentOS 7.6 and PHP 7.2 with MySQL 5.7.

Mostly it works. However, I figured it would be best to get this optimized before putting users on it.



Yes, it’s called deployment, I think. You can write an email to go get in contact. You will be consulted from there :slight_smile:



Thank you. I’ll see how much further I can get, then start with



While I don’t want to take business away from oC, we offer a fairly good documentation on exactly the topics you mentioned.

On the other hand, if you plan to deploy oC for users in a company, I would highly recommend a support subscription.



I took another look at the docs. After reviewing logs and error_logs I was able to get all the items corrected. The theme error seems to have corrected itself, which is strange.

So far so good, no warnings.



Great to hear that our docs are understandable :slight_smile:


My challenge was more that the server I was trying to configure this on was not cooperating. For Example PECL does not work so I had to manually install APCu. Same with Redis. Then I was having trouble getting them load correctly. Even ClamAV was giving me trouble. So the docs are good if you are installing on a system that mirrors what the docs are based on. I happened to be using a CentOS7 cPanel server. So things are not all as they would seem.

In the end, it working. Next I backup and try to update to 10.1.1. That should be fun. :grinning:



Feel free to add to our docs your experience with centos7 on a cPanel server. Many users have come before you to complain about cPanel :slight_smile:

Maybe you are the messiahs we all have been waiting for :slight_smile:

If you need help - I can support you in writing the doc page.



I can go back an look some of cpanel specific things I had to do. Most of if was really knowing linux and how to implement what the doc’s say on any platform not necessarily just cpanel. For example my ClamAV sock is /var/clamd not what it was guessing it could be. I had to first find my clamd.conf file and grep for ’ LocalSocket’ to figure it out.

So it’s just the chore of actually having to know more than host to install the scripts. :grinning:

I’m guessing that is why you offer an appliance type VM.

  • Mike


Yep. Straight forward installation, almost 0 configuration + Many free apps from the univention app store.