ISO Install for VMware / VSphere?

I am new at this. I am trying to find a ISO that I can use in VMware Vsphere client to do a full install of a dedicated OwnCloud server on a VM. Does anyone have a link to one that is official ? IE provided by owncloud? Or a way to install this via network install on maybe a CentOs running system? I would need step by step instructions. This is for my own personal use.. Thanks to all in advance.

Here you can download an official VMWare image which is ready to go!
Have fun!

I am not sure how to install the OVA file.. Can you assist with the steps.. When i try to affix it like an ISO it does not allow me to do so. Thanks.

Ok.. I did manage to install this appliance. Can you tell me how to make the VIRTUAL DISK bigger? 50 GB is way to small I have over 2TB of personal pictures already and need to make it at least 4TB if not bigger. Thank you again.. You guys ROCK!!!