Issue with Cyrillic names of files and directories

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a new directory with the name starting with the letter "И" Cyrillic alphabet
  2. You can try to upload a new file with a name starting with the letter "И" Cyrillic alphabet

Expected behaviour

Supposed that uploads files and newly created directories will have those names which they were set initially at boot and nothing will change.

Actual behaviour

After downloading the file, or create a new directory in the interface instead of the file name appears a question mark "?" and then the directory or file cannot be deleted or renamed.

Server configuration

Operating system: Linux 3.14.51-grsec x86_64

Web server: Apache 2.0 Handler

Database: MySQL: 5.6

PHP version: PHP: 5.6

ownCloud version: 10.0.3 (stable)

If this is reproducable could you please open an issue in github:

Recently tested with Ḽơᶉëᶆ ȋṕšᶙṁ ḍỡḽǭᵳ ʂǐť ӓṁệẗ, ĉṓɲṩḙċťᶒțûɾ ấɖḯƥĭṩčįɳġ ḝłįʈ.dat and it worked fairly well in firefox (some chars weren't been render properly) and without problems in chrome.

Make sure utf8 is used everywhere.

Guys, thanks to everyone who took part in the discussion of the arisen problem! Unfortunately, I don't have the skills to work with github and don't know how to ask for help on this website. If anyone can help, please do so.

I have checked all the configuration settings of the server. Everywhere the encoding is set to UTF8, the problem with display of Cyrillic names of folders and files is still relevant. Notice that the problem only manifests itself when the name of a file or directory begins with the letter "И"

Give us an example of the directory name so we can copy & paste it to test. Meanwhile, you can try to use chrome to check if there is any difference in the behaviour.

Hi guys! Thank you, everyone, who helps to solve this problem. The problem about which I wrote earlier, is manifested in all browsers without exception. In order to reproduce the problem, straite directory with the name of the Story is that the Russian alphabet is written like that - the "История", or the other Publisher, that Russian iswritten as "Издательство". The directory name must start with a capital letter. You can download file with the same names, the result will be the same. In ownCloud version 9.1.6, this is no problem, everything works as it should.
Here's how it looks on the page:

Works for me (10.0.3)

PHP 7.0
Mysql 5.7.20
Apache 2.4.18
Ubuntu 16.04

This is a fresh install. I'm not sure if the upgrade has something to do with this.

Dear colleagues and friends, I was testing the script on different earlier versions of MySQL database server and PHP interpreter, but the error is not affected. Based on the results of testing I'm not inclined to believe that the server software as it affects the functioning of the scripts and the occurrence I described the problem. It is obvious that the problem is somewhere in the scripts system. The error shows only in one particular case, the name of the directory or file starts with a capital letter И the Cyrillic alphabet. No other errors there. Yourself to understand what is causing this error and resolve it I can not. For this reason, I appeal to You. Maybe the problem is that you don't want to delve into the problem and to work towards its elimination, as in your opinion this is simply not a critical issue. Sorry if it is not. But I think I'll rollback to a previous version in which there is no such problem with file names and directories.

If you're interested, I can provide test access to my server, so that You are able to make sure that the problem with names there.