Issues upgrading to OwnCloud 10 and Ubuntu 16.04

We are trying to upgrade from OwnCloud 9.1.7 and Ubuntu 14.04 to Owncloud 10.x and Ubuntu 16.04 but having no luck. We have tried different orders (Owncloud Update --> Ubuntu Update --> Apache Update) or (Ubuntu Update --> Apache Update -->Owncloud Update) and we get the same results. Once the Ubuntu and Apache Updates run we can’t access OwnCloud anymore. When we go to the main url\index.php we get a 404 error with The requested URL /index.php was not found on this server. If I remove the index.php part I can get to a bunch of directories but no pages that will load.


this sounds to me like either the Ubuntu or the Apache update is removing / breaking the Apache configuration used to access ownCloud. Maybe you can review the vhost configuration of Apache to see why ownCloud can’t be accessed anymore?

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Have a look in your backup from before the upgrade, there you should be able to see the old (working) Apache configuration. Compare it with the current configuration, I bet the upgrade overwrote yours with the standard configuration.

As far as I can tell Apache 2.4 was already available in Ubuntu 14.04 but I would recommend to ensure you didn’t have version 2.2 installed as some directives have changed between versions and configuration files are not compatible.

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