Issues with modules

HI guys,

Having issues with owncloud uploading videos and photos have searched for answers so far nothing has worked i’m not that tech savy but can follow directions (haha)

It’s on a dedicated server running apache / whm / cpanel with SSL installed … it WAS working until I added some addons and did some tweaks but forgot what I did

Attached screenshot for reference, any help would be appreciated. \


well the error seems quite straightforward, what kind of external storage do you have ?
It seems one is not connected as stated in your screenshot.

Hey, I’ve added the drop box addon module and it is connected but all folders show as “pending” ideally owncloud was going to be a private dropbox backup for me on my own dedicated server… that was the primary reason

but when i go to just add upload normal photo from my computer not dropbox i get the error above

Do you have a screenshot of the pending status ? It’s not quite clear yet to me.
Could you check the ownCloud log too ? Try to set high verbosity.

pending attached

Alright I see, what about logs, does it say anything ?

I activated log file as per your link and config/php but so far even after trying to upload files again the log file is still empty :frowning:

Should I remove the drop box integration and see if that works?

Did you restart Apache or PHP afterwards ?
You might try to disable it, it’s weird it stays “pending” though. You try to upload on the dropbox or on your ownCloud’s storage ?