.JSON file is unavailable in owncloud folder file listing



I have a certain .json file I need accessible to a third-party app. The .json file is in the appropriate folder. However, oC will not make the file available in it's folder listing. How can I include this file in the oC folder file listing so it is available to the third-party app (webdav).

Server configuration
Operating system: Linux Drobo
ownCloud version: 8.2.0


ownCloud version: 8.2.0

Please update to a recent oC version like 8.2.7 or 9.0.4. For such an outdated version no support can be given here.

If that issue is still there after an update create a new thread and make sure that you're filling out the prefilled template shown in the input box when creating a new thread in the "oC server" category.