LADP Permissions in folders


I just install Owncloud 10.08 in a ubuntu 18.04 and configured LDAP and configured client Desktop in a windows server 2008 R2. It sync properly all data with owncloud and I can create files and folders and update nice.

In owncloud server I can see all users and group of AD but when I check users I get only the admin user. when I log with with an AD user it logs properly but can not see the folders it should see(same file than server windows 2008).

In order to see folders I have to share permission folder by folder with the admin user.

how can I sync permissions in all folder withput do it folder by folder.



For seeing all LDAP-Users at users page you have to execute this occ command.

Syncing ACLs is not possible with ownCloud.

What you can do, is give the user a home drive, and that will be synced with ownCloud.

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Hi dimirty,

So I have to make permissions folder by folder?



Or put the folders in one folder and mount that folder. then the user has access to all the folders inside that folder :slight_smile:


I wish I could that!!! hahaha!! I can not allow a employ see management folders… I got many permissions in the windows 2008 file server.

It’s a pitty cos it would be excellent sync all permissions from windwos folders to owncloud folders…

Thank you very much and sorry for my English grammar…