Large files, large amount of files, terabytes of data - On Demand Availability of offline files


I have tried the Virtual files option, which is great, but i have this problem still:

Users (Designers) having a lots of data on a NAS today, and they want them to be in Owncloud, until now it is not possible, as they often need a complete folder, which has a lot of data - old data.

Will it be possible to let the Owncloud client handle the files on demand?

Designer one creates a file with 500 MB in Owncloud/Designs/CustA/design1.psd
Designer two doesnt need the file, so it is not synched to her/his mac (as the Virtual Files option is turned on).

After one year, designer one is still having his 500 MB file on his mac (and in owncloud). Is it possible to give files, folders or even the whole client a retention when files has to be kept on the client and when not?

If the above is possible, we could move away our nas and get to a Owncloud only solution for the complete company.
Designers need the files on their macs, but not for years…

Please let me know what ideas you have about that “issue”.

Kind regards and thank you!


@krawser auto-deletion was proposed here:

There a 2 open issues to work on this. One will probably be closed:

After the next 2.6.0, I expect auto-deletion in one of the next releases.

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