Link error on Where to report?

(Note: I found no better category for a feedback/question on the owncloud dot org webpage itself. I hope that this is ok.)

Dear community,
I could not find a way to report on two broken links on owncloud dot org. Can you point me to the right place? Thanks!

Here are the details, if any webadmin sees this post by chance:

The links on page [1] to the Linux packages for Owncloud Server 8.2.x and 9.0.x lead (with a redirect) to non-functional pages:
[3] as [2], but with 9.0 in the url (No link, as I can only post 2 links as new user)
For the older versions (8.1.x and earlier), the links to Opensuse are working. For the newer versions (9.1.x and later), the links redirect correctly to pages very similar to [2] and [3], but with a trailing slash. If you add a trailing slash by hand to the URLs, also the pages for 8.2 and 9.0 work.

Please add a trailing slash to the links on [1] leading to [2] and [3] to make them work / redirect correctly.

Without finding these pages, people cannot follow the iterative upgrade from older versions, see Admin Manual --> Maintenance --> Upgrading --> Upgrading from Package --> Upgrading Across Skipped Releases (sorry, no link, as I can only post 2 links as new user).

Kind regards,

Thanks to making us aware of this.

I reported this to our admin and will report back when we have a solution.

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Additional, related problems further down the road: For 8.2.x on Ubuntu 14.04, the respective packages referenced on seem not to be available any more. (For 8.1.x on the Opensuse server, the packages for Ubuntu 14.04 were still available, although the release key was expired .) – I know, Ubuntu 14.04 is outdated, but that’s why I try to migrate away from it step by step … :wink:

Ubuntu 14.04 was outdated for a long long time though.

What would speak against a clean setup on a new OS and latest ownCloud?

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