Link Share for n-downloads


Hi there. I've started using OC and I' d like to know if there's (planning/existing) option-plugin to set share link of n-downloads (i.e. link is deactivated after 1 or 2 download)? Thanks in advance


Not yet. In 10.0 we are introducing multiple public links, those could then get this. Please open an issue in /core or comment on an existing one after search. This got requested by customers as well ... somewhat challenging is the reliability of web server download notices but thats life ...


Thank You. That reminded me other question I had... Is there a plan to add autoremove FILE after download option?


No. Kind of a combination of the above. Actually a partner has done this for a customer. We like to be very careful with deletes, even going into trashbin as the file loss risk after an incomplete download can be high.


Hi. Thank for the answer... one more question.. is there a plan to add "middle" option of synchronisation in client.. What I mean is.. than now it's Sync/Not Sync file/folder... middle option would be useful... sync jus a list of files and sync on demand by click...


Very off topic :wink: You would find that information under virtual file system in the client issue tracker. Ideas yes, but implementation is somewhat out. Basically it could be a WebDAV/sync client combination with exchange of information but many open items, you are welcome to chime in there ...


Thanks... I'll do that