Linux Client and Windows Shared folder


Hi everybody,

I hope somebody can help me out with this rather simple problem. I have a linux machine that is doing the sync for some owncloud accounts, and the destination folder is a windows share mounted with cifs option. Everything is working fine, except that the client does not pick up any changes made on those folders outside the linux system, so it does not sync when new files are created from other windows machines. I have to go and do a force sync. If I make the changes on the linux machine itself, than it picks it up and does a sync.

Is there any option for me to make it see the changes in the folder ?

Thanks and sorry for the bad English.


Yes. The ownCloud Enterprise Edition has a special notification function which works for a WND Drive mount. Please contact if you like to try that out.


Excuse me, maybe I was not specific enough. I am not running any OwnCloud server on my linux machine. Just the Desktop sync client !!! Why would I need the Enterprise Edition ?


Basically, the Windows machine needs to tell the ownCloud server that there were changes. :slight_smile:


Basically, but how would someone accomplish this ? Tried to refresh the content of the folder in the linux machine but this does not help.


Did you try scanning?