Linux Distribution Package for Owncloud 10.6

I would like to know if is planned the release of Linux Distribution Package for Owncloud 10.6.
At the moment I can find only 10.5 packages.
Thank you in advance

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Hi Alessandro,
Thanks for letting us know. I’ve forwarded this internally, hopefully we can get this resolved soon.

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Thank you @eneubauer.

The Linux packages still don’t seem to be quite correct. An upgrade is not offered - but a new package.
Will this still be changed and/or can we expect official instructions on how to keep our installations up to date?

Thanks in advance from Switzerland!

A package installation will never remove files, therefore upgrading the package will always leave you with a weird version of ownCloud if between versions files have been removed from the tarball.

If you are using the owncloud-files package, I think to upgrade you’d always have to uninstall, remove the old files and install the new package.

But don’t take my word on this process, I don’t use the package out of these reasons (I honestly think it’s a bad idea in general to update a website like that), test what works for you in a test environment (docker container/new vm/clone/whatever works for you).

Make sure you backup data/config/database, you know the drill…

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