Log reader for Owncloud 10.x

Hi all,

What is a suggested way to read the Owncloud server logs, now when the app on the link below isn't supported or even available for download anymore?

Notepad++ kinda' works, but the clutter is other-wordly unfortunately.


I personally use sublime. You can really clean up the logs with regex commands

This one?

No, I meant that I just use the sublime editor :smiley:

Without any special plug ins for reading logs

Aha, thanks!
Weird though, I can't seem to find anything sublime in the regular repos on CentOS 6 (base, extras, epel, elrepo).
Is sublime a well-known editor?

Yeah, but I use Ubuntu, and I downloaded it from the website.

Found it at https://www.sublimetext.com/docs/3/linux_repositories.html#yum.
Thanks for the hint Dmitry!

No problem. Hope you can read the logs with sublime better :slight_smile:

Installing it as I write this!

Hmm... Seems to be quite some treshold to starting with sublime.