Login Loop with Token Expired Message

Can someone please help or provide some light.
I’m getting this message:
“{“data”:{“message”:“Token expired. Please reload page.”,“error”:“token_expired”},“status”:“error”}”
When attempting to login to the Owncloud portal.

It all occurred after I modified the username and password for LDAP.
Owncloud running on Ubuntu, is there a file I can modify within linux for the ldap username and password.
Or is the error related to something else, as the above change is the only change I made.


Portal? Can you provide a screen shot?
Have you tried clearing the cache?

Hey, if i’m creating a new thread here i’m getting an issue template presented which is asking me various information like ownCloud version and similar which seems to be completely missing for your post.

I think that template is shown for a reason and its probably the best if you could spare some time and provide that information.