Make share passwords visible for admins

Posted this on the Facebook group and was asked to repost here. We've been successfully using ownCloud for the past year to share (via email link) password protected files with our clients. In the admin panel, I would like the password field to be visible so I can view the password while I'm creating it as well as after the link has been sent. Have been having problems lately with clients saying the password isn't working and I have no way to look up the password that I created, instead I have to resend a link which is much more time consuming. It could also be me making a typo which I have no way of knowing, even though I carefully enter passwords I may be making occasional mistakes. Thank you for a great product and for your advice.

That is probably not possible because only their hashed values are saved (

When you send the password with the link in one mail, you can also use a shared link without password. Because if someone gets his hand on the e-mail containing the shared link he/she also gets the password.