Manual File Locking - How to?

I use Owncloud Server and we are several people working together.
Is there an option to lock file when some of the people are still working on it?
At the moment only the latest version is being updated, but we need a case:

User A opens file
User B tries to edit it in the same time and but he cannot because file is at the moment editted by User A

Next server version 10.5 has this accessible via the web UI. You can already test-drive the release candidate:


That is a great new. Are the changes written somewhere?


it seems a release note concerning the “File Locking in the Web Interface” is prepared by the ownCloud team here:

Thanks for the fast answer. I downloaded this version via docker, but I didn’t see anywhere the option to lock. Can you explain how is it done in the new version. I couldn’t find the explanation for that.
Thanks again!! Have a nice day ! :slight_smile:


as ownCloud 10.5.0 isn’t a final release yet maybe you need to wait until the documentation for this new release is published which could describe this functionality?

Explanation is in the linked document:

The user-facing components in the web interface are disabled by default. Administrators can enable the feature by executing the following occ command: occ config:app:set files enable_lock_file_action --value yes