Method not allowed - iOS app (external storage)

Hi there,

I have half a dozen external storage mounts setup (local -> Linux smb mounts) that work perfectly in the web and in the windows client. However, when using the iOS client I get “method not allowed” when trying to open one.


No ideas from anyone? Darn.

I can only recommend to update both the iOS app and the server. In addition, include the version of the iOS app.

Thanks for the reply. OwnCloud iOS version is the latest (3.7.2). The server is installed on a readyNAS system, and doesn’t upgrade easily.

Any other suggestions?

Could you get some logs from server?

Thank you for your suggestion, but there's no error that shows up in the log file in regards to this problem.

You are getting a 405 error in some request.

Please, open a new ticket on the iOS issue tracker repository and follow the template and provide all the details. Thanks!

http://x.x.x.x/owncloud it has to be this way. http://x.x.x.x/owncloud/index.php If it does, you can delete the application and reinstall it.