Migrate from oC Shared Host to oC Server

Hi friends,
I am about to begin the transition to my oC from Shared Hosting version to the last oC Server release possible for my new Debian jessie.
I would like to know if exist an howto about this kind of situation or if you have to tell me any suggestion about this :wink:
For example:
Is it advisable to install the official debian version or owncloud packaged?
And also, if is it possible to export calendar and address book from 8.2 and import then into 9.1.1?

Many many thanks

Use the owncloud packaged version (debian is not updated and was removed). First migrate your setup, meaning that you keep the version. Do the upgrade after. Backups are always recommended (db-dump, config-file, data/-directory).

There is also a tutorial / documentation how to migrate from one to another server available here:


Thanks tflidd and RealRancor forma tour kind help! Ifnpossible another questione about The owncloud package:

Does it install automatically all dependencies?

Many thanks again!

Yes, looks like:

The owncloud-deps packages install all dependencies: Apache, PHP, and MySQL. owncloud-deps is not intended to be installed by itself, but rather is pulled in by the metapackage owncloud.


Perfect! Exactly what I meant!
Now I plan to install owncloud 9.1.1-1.2 packaged, and import on it my address book and appointment from the exported "vcf" and "ics" :wink:

many many thanks to all friends!