Migrate from ownCloud 8.2.11 to fresh install of ownCloud 10.9.1


I am seeking advices or a confirmation I’m going the wrong direction. My end-goal is get the ownCloud server 8.2.11 to 10.9.1, including the OS distro upgrade. All this requires a long downtime to complete without the guarantee it will all go well, without impacting the end-users (more or less 30 active users).

Here’s how I intended to proceed: instead of going through a version by version upgrade of OC 8.2.11 going through major versions, I decided to start with a fresh install of ownCloud 10.9.11 up and running, along with latest OS version of Ubuntu 22.04. Once the dependencies and package issue resolved, to copy over the files from the older to the new instance.

So far, all went well, HTTPS is working (self-signed cert for now), LDAP extension running, memcache active, Redis too, all good. I even copied over files from my domain user from the old instance to the new (copying over the user’s folder named by the AD User GUID) and running a file scan (sudo -u www-data php /var/www/owncloud/occ files:scan --all). The files came up just fine.

I’d like to make sure the users won’t have any (major) impact, nor data loss, and I would like to keep external sharing of files intact. In order to retain these, I understand I will need to move the DB, one way or the other. I expect it won’t be possible due to the major gap in versions.

Is there a way to proceed like I intend to? Or would you recommend I clone the VM of the 8.2.11 version (it’s on VM Ware) and go through the updates with each major versions up to 10.9.1?

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