Migrating data from a Windows Owncloud to a Linux Owncloud

For a project that I'm currently working on I've to migrate data from a windows based owncloud (version 8.0.2) to a linux (univention) based owncloud (version 10.0.3)

I already have migrate the users so it's only the data/shares/groups now.

So my question is: Is it possible to migrate the data from the windows owncloud to the linux owncloud?

Migrating the files and folders will be tricky. On windows server we stored the files with different naming conventions due to limitations of the windows filesystem (not case sensitive and not fully uft8 capably).

You can lookup the correct path in the database and rename the files on the filesystem.
But this might be a bit time consuming.

Okay so I have transfer some files with the tool WinScp and it worked but now I have the next question.

Is it possible to migrate existing shares? Or need the users to do it by themself with every file they have shared?

All identifiers in the database will no longer match up. You need to recreate shares manually.

You can have a look into the oc_shares table to find all shares you have on the old system.