Migrating OC from 9.1.8 server to Appliance 10.2.1

Hello, We have a OC 9.1.8 server configured with PostgreSQL and we want to migrate to an Appliance (with 10.2.1 and mysql) what would be the right steps to do that ?

What’s the reason for doing that? Would it not be easier to migrate from a physical machine to a virtual machine?

Although it should be possible to upgrade the ownCloud version, it’s generally recommended to keep the same database type. You can look at this for information on how to migrate to a different server.

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I understant and I would prefer avoid that but the physical machine is out of date with no possiblility to upgrade it. A good point is that the users are authenticated through LDAP and it wont change.

I don’t think this has anything to do with virtual and physical machines. The process is the same no matter what.

I found the following article in the docs, but I’m not sure if that also applies for conversions from pgsql to mysql, or if it is only for sqlite:

The right steps would be:

  1. and foremost make a test system by for example cloning your machine
  2. upgrade your ownCloud instance to the latest version (you can go straight to the latest version)
  3. test the db conversion, if it works proceed
  4. migrate to appliance
  5. repeat all verified steps in production system

I’ve never done a migration from PostgreSQL to MySQL so I’m not sure if that’s even possible. But a simple internet search should give you some more insight if this is feasible.

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The appliance is based on Univention UCS which is already using LDAP, so you will have to make sure this is compatible with your setup.

I do not use the UCS internal LDAP. I have already connected Owncloud UCS app with the external LDAP used by the old version and It is ok. I will try now to migrate the database from PostgreSQL to MySQL.

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This seems to be a totally unrelated issue. Can an admin or you @Desa open this in a new thread?

At the end I failed to migrate PostgreSQL to MariaDB on UCS and I will give up Owncloud Appliance and I will use instead a regular Debian distribution package and PostgreSQL. Thanks anyway.