Migrating to new server



Hello everyone,

I accidentally hit "sudo chown www-data:www-data /" on my ubuntu server and now i need to setup a new server.

My owncloud data server is saved in another separate partition /cloud. And i was wondering, since I am running my owncloud on esxi, can i just move that .vmdk file (or the /cloud partition) from the old server to the new server?

I will manually recreate all my users in the owncloud database.

OR: should i setup a new server, do not copy that partition, leave all the users home dirs empty and let the users sync their files from their desktops to the server. But how do i know that it wont delete their files from their desktops?

Would this work? or will this mess things up? what is the right approach to do this?
Most importantly i am really afraid if my users lose any files from their desktops.

Thank you


If it is an extra partition, you can just continue to use it. For restored data, there is a setting for the config file to handle the clients correctly (only for full restores including the database):

Make backups of all data, and for your users, I'd recommend it as well in case with restoring not everything works out as planned.