Misc questions about OwnCloud desktop client (windows)

Hello, I have installed the desktop sync client n a windows 10 device (ver. 2.10.0 build 6519) and it seems to work really well, but during the initial sync of my owncloud account, I could see many files not being synced and I have some questions:

Problems 1 & 2:
→ Filename contains trailing spaces.
→ File names containing the character ‘?’ are not supported on this filesystem
I logged to owncloud (via web UI) and renamed the faulty files. How can I “force” the desktop client to resync these files? I tried clicking the 3-dots […] button under my account and clicked “Force sync now” but the files are still listed under “Not Synced”. Perhaps the files are already synced but can I “clean up” the list of not synced?? IMO this list should only list current issues not historically list them…

Problem 3:
→ Server replied with an error while reading directory ‘’ : Host not found
What is the meaning of this error message? The owncloud server is always reachable and the desktop client doesn’t provide more details or the name f the files that caused this error… How to troubleshoot this? Is this serious?


You can check with the debug log, with HTTP logging enabled. Here you can find more information:
Appendix Troubleshooting :: ownCloud Documentation

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