More than 50 LDAP users no longer open source?

Hello Community,

we use the Communtity (Standard) Edition of Owncloud.
A company that distributes Owncloud for companies called me and informed me that the LDAP Intergartion for more than 50 users would no longer be under Open Source license.
But I can’t find any information about it anywhere.
Can anyone tell me if this statement is true or false?

best regards André

From all available information LDAP integration does not require an Enterprise license and I see no restriction on the user count.

See the comparison page where it clearly says Active Directory/LDAP Integration is part of the Standard Edition.

Additionally, the user_ldap app is Open Source (AGPL) and freely available on the marketplace:


I want to clarify, there is a community edition that is the same as standard edition but without paid support.

Standard edition and Enterprise edition have support from ownCloud directly.

The Community edition has support from

If you need clarification about the 50 users please contact us per mail:

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The version of our Owncloud is:


Owncloud 10.3.0 (stable)

Entwickelt von der ownCloud-Community, der Quellcode ist unter den Bedingungen der AGPL lizenziert.

So the topic with the 50 users is over for me for now.
Thanks to all who helped.