Move journalPath to different drive


my Owncloud client often freezes for quite a while and a quick look into the output of strace shows me that it is reading and writing lots of things from and to the sqlite database located in $localPath/$journalPath like there are configured in ~/.config/ownCloud/owncloud.cfg.

Because my localPath is a RAID5 HDD Array and random access are not as fast as it would be on a SSD drive, I wonder if I can change the journalPath to my SSD after moving the ._sync_abc.db file to the new location. This way I hope to get a better performance while the client is working on the database.

Also I am wondering why the .db-wal file is more than double the size of the .db file. Is that normal behavior? Shouldn’t that .db-wal file be merged with the .db and emptied in regular time intervals?

At the moment I have running version 2.6.3 (build 2668) and it says there are now updates available.

I had a quick look through the client docs but didn’t see anything about being able to change that path. I would try with a symlink and see if that helps?

There are however apparently also other "OWNCLOUD_SQLITE_JOURNAL_MODE"s available that are dependent on the filesystem, but I’m not sure that this relevant here.

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Behind this link I found four modes:
Maybe I should try TRUNCATE and then simply symbolic link the db and db-wal file. But this is also a production system. So I am not totally sure about the side effects I may get.

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